Our Aikido program seeks to create a culture of respect and friendliness while maintaining a seriousness of training.  Students, under the guidance of instructors and senior students, learn from one another though training together.  In addition to training, we all contribute to the health of the dojo through sharing our time and effort according to our abilities, which may include teaching, website upkeep, marketing, and simple dojo maintenance.  Based on a collective model, we find that through training and sharing our time together, our lives are enhanced.  This is our vision of our community here at Seattle School of Aikido. 

We invite you to come visit the dojo and personally share our vision and training.

January Beginners Series is here to welcome in the New Year!

Happy 2011!

Beginners' classes are Mondays, 6pm-715pm, and Fridays 615pm-730pm.

It's not too late to sign up...the course is 2 months, and runs through the end of February, 2 classes each week focusing on basic principles and movement, with some simple techniques.  Even though the classes build on each other slightly, please join anytime and we can get you up to speed in no time!

See you on the mat!

Onegaishimasu!  (O-nay-gai-shee-moss)

- John

No Thursday night classes - December 30

Got a message from Chris Moses that classes are cancelled tonight.

Bummer, I know you wanted to train...

Year end donations

If you're so inclined as part of your year end tasks, you can donate to Seattle School of Aikido through Paypal using the button on the home page.  Checks are welcomed of course, and have the additional benefit of not being subject to processing fees so SSA gets the full value of your donation.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible.

We wish you a very Happy New Year with lots of mat time!

Holiday Aikido Schedule

There will be NO Thursday night class tonight, December 23.  Class on Christmas Eve is also cancelled.

Friday morning's class will be held as usual.

Hint:  suscribe to the RSS live feed to be notified of website changes. 

Happy Holidays to All...

Wow, what a year!  For me, the winter holiday season is a time of reflection...a time to review the year and say "wow, what just happened?"  

Our year in review includes many items...some banal, some transcendant.  Our heater broke, our window got tagged, and our roof leaked.  We also replaced our mat, had some wonderful guest instructors, developed this amazing new website, and had an amazing first demonstration at the Seattle Center Winterfest.

SSA Kids Class Holiday Schedule

There will be no kids classes on the following days:

  • Saturday, 12/25/2010
  • Tuesday, 12/28/2010
  • Saturday, 1/1/2011
  • Tuesday, 1/4/2011

All Wednesday classes will continue as scheduled over the holidays.

Happy Holidays to you all!


Wine World Warehouse

Wine World WarehouseIf you want to see the Northwest's largest wine shop, go visit World Wine Warehouse.  23,000 square feet of bright, open space with a great view on sunny days.  Good selection (you can stock a lot of wine in that place!), cool amenities and great service.  I-5 and 45th.

Say hello to Lenny Rede, the guy in the cool suit who is the operations manager, aikidoka and occasional Icho Ryu mat pounder. 

Resistance in training

I just spent the weekend training with Howard Popkin, formerly of the Daito Ryu Ropppokai.   Howard would demonstrate waza, from a grab and then tell people to grab at about forty percent of full strength so that each person gets to experience the waza actually working. 

Website Maintenance

The website will be down for maintenance at various times during the day for the next week or so.  As we transition to the new website, there are a number of issues that need work at unscheduled times.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are trying to keep the down time to a minimum.

The Website Development Team

Physical Metaphors

I have a feeling that I was not the only person who has stirred and stewed on some negative interaction to the point of violent imaginings.  Especially as a kid, yikes. 

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