Our Aikido program seeks to create a culture of respect and friendliness while maintaining a seriousness of training.  Students, under the guidance of instructors and senior students, learn from one another though training together.  In addition to training, we all contribute to the health of the dojo through sharing our time and effort according to our abilities, which may include teaching, website upkeep, marketing, and simple dojo maintenance.  Based on a collective model, we find that through training and sharing our time together, our lives are enhanced.  This is our vision of our community here at Seattle School of Aikido. 

We invite you to come visit the dojo and personally share our vision and training.

You no like my new website?!!!

You broke...another one?  Go stand in the corner again!

Just another happy night at Seattle School of Aikido.  Not sure whose bokken this was...Jeremy, Chris?  But it will make for some nice kindling on a cold winter's night.

Ignoring the destruction wrought by some of our sword guys, note the pleasant happy face after a night of training.  That's how it goes here — solid training, and we have a lot of fun. 

So come join us!


Same www.SeattleSchoolofAikido.org, but...

Yup, it's different isn't it?  We've totally redesigned the SSA website to take advantage of new technology to better serve our dojo community.  This is the main communication portal to the dojo's activities, so we hope to encourage everyone to participate and contribute to our online community.

They just keep rockin' and rollin'...

And you thought they only played hard on the mat...

The leadership of  SSA has been busy this year!  Some of the more visible events:

You've no doubt noticed the new tatami mats upon which we train?  Our old canvas mat had many up close and personal relationships with many of you, but it was time to say goodbye to its tired surface and retire it.  Now that was a work party! 

Pass or Fail

When the opportunity to be graded arises, "belt tests", I question the idea of a pass fail system. A controversial idea. Instructors  typically believe it would be a healthy way to conduct a test. It is getting less common that a student would be asked to test and be failed. Testing is a part of martial arts and students should be prepared to accept a pass/fail grade system. Why is it so controversial then?

Lets train

I'm not sure how students decide to schedule in their training day. For adults perhaps it's solely based on work schedules and family events. For those of you that are able, I invite you to train with any and all sensei offering their time. I hope the excitement of training with new teachers and students brings out the best in us. Everyone certainly has something to offer so please come and contribute what you can.

See you on the mat

New stuff

I'm looking forward to 2011 and enjoying a motorcycle and a 1 year old labrador retriever. I hope it turns out to be a great year.

Matti Joensuu, 6 dan from Austria tonight!

Sensei Joensuu will be teaching at SSA tonight, Thursday September 9!  We hope to see all of you!

Class starts promptly at 6:30.  Please arrive early so that you can be on the mat and warmed up by that time.

See you there!

Dojo Clean up tonight!

We need to clean the dojo tonight for Matti's class tomorrow night!

This is a responsibility to be shared by all members of the dojo.  We understand that this is the middle of the week, but please make the effort to show up.  The more hands, the quicker the clean-up!

Excited for Matti this thursday

i just got back from 6 days on decatur island in the san juan islands.  i've got 3 days of grim reality facing me at work this week before i'm able to get back on the mat and train aikido again.  


Jazz up your Aikido at SSA!

Aikido can be many things to many different people. For some, it is a Budo, a martial way of life. For others, it's a hobby to pass the time. For yet others, it's a means of physical fitness.

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