Robby Pellett

Robby PellettRobby Pellett began the study of martial arts in high school with Shotokan Karate and continued these studies as an undergraduate. During his university days, Robby also practiced Tai Chi Chuan for a year.

Robby was introduced to Aikido in San Francisco while studying dance. In 1979 Robby became a serious Aikido student, training with Kashiwaya Koichi of Ki Society in Boulder. Soon after that, Ikeda Hiroshi came to Boulder and Robby began to study with him.

From about 1986 to 1992 Robby lived in Japan and trained with Mochizuki Minoru Sensei at Yoseikan where he received his shodan in 1989. While training at Yoseikan, Robby was able to study kobudo weapons, Judo, and Wadokai Karate. In addition to his studies at Yoseikan, Robby studied and received a shodan in Jiki Shin Kage Ryu Naginata, Kyudo Remmei Kyudo, and Shinto Ryu Iai-Battojutsu. Robby has gone on to receive a godan in Shinto Ryu. Robby has been training and teaching at Seattle School of Aikido since 1992.

“Precision allows gentleness — as we study the way the body moves we can respond to a hostile gesture with more precision. With precision our responses can be more effective using a minimal amount of force, or gentleness.” - Robby Pellett